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Drinking Game: Wizard Staff

Type: Other

Players: 2+

Needed: A lot of beer in cans, A few types of liquor, Duct Tape, shot glasses



Wizard Staff, a game where you can combine your love of beer and your nerdiest fantasies of becoming a wizard…


The object of the game is simple, build the biggest wizard staff that you can build in order to claim your spot as the most powerful wizard


To play you need to follow these simple rules:


Everyone starts by grabbing a can of beer. You are all now level 1 wizards. When you finish your can of beer you grab a new can of beer and duct tape it to the top of the empty can of beer. You are now a level 2 wizard. Once you finish your 2nd can you can grab a third can and duct tape that on top of the two empty ones, you are now a level 3 wizard. This is the way you grow your wizard staff, by finishing beers and duct taping them to your empty cans


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Now drinking beers and duct taping them to the empties is not the only aspect to this game. Decide before hand whether you want to face a boss every 3 or every 5 beers. Say you pick 3 beers; this means that every three beers you must have a boss battle to move onto the next level. In this game boss battles require you to take a shot of liquor. So after your third beer you must defeat the first boss, in this case “Boss Daniels” for a shot of Jack Daniels. Once you have taken a shot of Jack you can grab your fourth beer and move onto level 4 wizardry. Your next boss battle would come after you finish your 6th beer, then 9th, then 12th, etc, etc…


Those are the basics of wizard staff. Half the fun of this game is making rules and things you have to do while playing.


Usually the “Wisest Wizard” (the one with the biggest wizard staff) gets to make a rule upon every level they achieve. Rules can be anything so have fun of thinking of stuff. DON’T start this until level 10 or else there will be a crazy amount of rules


Other rules include having to speak in a wizard voice and language, doing various physical challenges every level, or my personal favorite…defeating the “White Wizard”


For the “White Wizard” the first person to reach level 10 becomes the white wizard and gets to make a rule every level. The next person(s) to reach level 10 can challenge the white wizard to do battle. The battle involves jousting American Gladiator style with the Wizard Staffs. The last person to have their staff break in battle is the winner and crowned the white wizard, getting to be the one to make the rules. You can how many levels it takes to do battle again with the white wizard.


Well, those are the basic rules of Wizard Staff. You can certainly add or change rules to make things more interesting. Enjoy and cast many a spells


If you need more explanation watch the video:

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